Gunsmith Service Fees
Our new location: 1020 Legacy Walk, Woodstock, GA 30189 on or about August 17. Please be sure to request a new FFL from me to be processed for your transaction.

Technical analysis of Guns   $35.00      
This service includes a visual/mechanical assessment functioning, parts condition, and finish of each weapon. A written report is generated for each weapon.         

Gun Valuation Assessment    $30.00 min.or 2% of assessed value whichever is greater            
A value is determined for each firearm based on research, current prices, and condition of the gun. This service is available for insurance documentation needs, estate collections, wills, and resell. A report is generated for each weapon.    

Gun Repair/Cleaning    $35.00 per hour plus parts
Gun repair services are available at the rate of $35 per hour, charges are made on the quarter hour. Parts that are necessary for repair are charged at cost to include any shipping and local sales tax. Cleaning involves removing surface rust and any built up matter thereon including that encountered on the stock. Oiling and greasing of metal as appropriate along with one coat of linseed or tung oil to the wood stock.

Pistol and Rifle front Sight Replacement $20.00 plus parts; rear sight replacement $20.00 plus parts; front and rear sight replacement $35.00 plus parts. Our gun repair hourly rate may apply depending on how sights are mounted.

Bore sighting Scoped Rifles and pistols $30.00

Mounting scopes on pre-drilled receivers or weaver/pica-tinny rails and bore sighting $40.00. Drill and tap for scope $35.00.

Trigger stoning to reduce friction and improve pull weight but remain within operating mode, $35.00. 1911 sear stoning to reduce creep in attain a crisp release, $35.00. (Trigger connector and/or spring replacement, an additional cost,  may be necessary and needed to achieve the same goal.)

Recoil pads added to shotguns/rifles for $25 if there is no alteration of the stock other than repositioning of the screw holes. If the stock has to be cut to get needed length of pull with a pad then the price is $60. Customer provides the shooting recoil pad in each case.

Refinishing Services         
Surface Rust Removal and Cold Bluing  $35.00      
This service is an hourly charge based on the size and needs of each gun. An estimate is made and approved by the customer before work is begun.         

Burr Removal   $15.00      
This service is based on each part as needed. The removal of burrs will be per manufacturer specifications. Removal of burrs from sears is performed to reduce friction and make the pull crisper.          

Aluminum Blacking    $45 - $95     
This is a custom service that is done completely by hand one part at a time. The time involved can be from a few hours to several days depending on the finish needed for each gun or part.         

 Steel Blacking $45 - $95
This is a custom service that is done completely by hand one part at a time. The time involved can be from a few hours s to several days depending on the finish needed for each gun.  

Wood Stock Refinishing         
Military Stocks, Rifle   $85      
This includes stock cleaning, steaming out surface indentations and resealing with either boiled linseed oil or tung oil (customer preference) up to 3 coats.         

Military Stocks, Pistol and Revolver   $45.00      
This includes stock cleaning out surface indentations and resealing with either boiled linseed,  tung oil, or Birchwood Casey brand Tru-Oil (customer preference) up to 3 coats.         

Hunting Rifle Stocks  $125 - $235     
This includes removal of finish of damaged area of stock or entire stock, steaming out surface dents, smoothing with appropriate abrasive and polishing and finish with a sealant/wax.          

Other Business Services         
FFL Transfers from Distance/Online or Gun Auction Purchases   $15.00 multiple firearms per transfer are an additional *$5 charge per firearm.
FFL Transfers to ship firearms sold that require dealer shipment $20.00* plus shipping and insurance. 

Gun transfers are handled per ATF requirements using the Form 4473 and verification of legal ownership rights. A safety inspection is made on the weapon when received and any deficiencies are noted for the buyer of the gun with a statement of "unsafe to fire" tag being applied, this service is part of the fee.  A copy of my FFL will be sent to the seller of the firearm in order to expedite shipment.         
Shipping and handling charges for service work performed are determined on an individual basis if and when applicable.
Guns left at my business may incur a storage charge of $5 a month after 30 days.       
Sales tax is applied per Georgia and Federal Tax Codes         
Manufacturing of parts or complete firearms is not performed in this shop. Dis-assembly and reassembly performed as needed for refinishing and repairs.         
This is a limited liability business with a focus on quality service and customer satisfaction. Safe operation of firearms on which work is performed is the bottom line goal of our business.    
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